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Capacity : 10 – 80 lbs/week

WFT is scaling down the Montana MiniMalter to provide turnkey malting systems for advanced home brewers and those seeking a simple approach to pilot malting.

Montana MicroMalters will be available in early 2016.

Tank dividers in the MiniMalter

Capacity : 150 – 600 lbs/week

The Montana MiniMalter is our premier malting system, whose basic design was conceived by Professor Emeritus Thomas Blake throughout a long career of barley breeding at Montana State University and brought to life with the help of talented College of Engineering students for their Senior Project in 2013.

The Montana MiniMalter is the perfect size for craft brewers to produce specialty malts to distinguish their product with novel recipes and locally sourced malting barley.

Optional tank dividers allow researchers to malt eight varieties simultaneously, making the MiniMalter a great resource for fermentation science programs. Each system is custom built from food grade stainless steel.

Capacity : 500 - 2000 lbs/week

A production capacity malting system that will be ideal for craft maltsters and innovative craft brewers.

A prototype for a 1 ton/week system is planned for mid-2016.

Mobile carts move malter tanks to four stations:
1) Steep (48hrs); 2) Germination 1 (48hrs);
3) Germination 2 (~48hrs); 4) Kilning (~17hrs)

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