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Western Feedstock Technologies
Dedicated to the enjoyment and improvement of craft malting

We will be open for business in August 2015!

  • Western Feedstock Technologies (WFT) is a closely held S-corporation, incorporated in Montana in 2008.

  • Dr. Thomas Blake and Dr. Victoria Carollo Blake are the officers of WFT, both with distinguished records in small grains research and development.

  • WFT has four divisions: Montana Malters; Montana MaltLab; Big Sky Malts and Gallatin Grains.

  • In 2012 WFT sponsored a team of Mechanical Engineering students in the College of Engineering at Montana State University to build the alpha version of the Montana MiniMalter (patent pending), a specialty malt production system enabling craft brewers, distillers and specialty food producers to malt their own grains.

  • The Montana MiniMalter produces up to 30,000 lbs of specialty malt/year, about what a 4000 barrel/year craft brewer requires. Specialty malt to craft brewers range from $0.80/lb. to $1.60/lb., representing a potential displacement of ~$40,000 in raw materials.

  • The Montana MiniMalter is manufactured in Montana’s Gallatin Valley. We are designing a 60 lb/week Montana Micromalter system for pilot malting and advanced home brewers, and a 1 ton/week production scale Montana Malter.

  • We installed our first production Montana MiniMalter for the fermentation science program in the Food Science Dept. at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg VA in April, 2015. We delivered the system on April 26, 2015, began malting on April 28, and finished VPISU’s first batch of malt on May 3, 2015.

  • Both Drs. Blake are skilled laboratory scientists, with expertise in malt quality analyses. The Montana MaltLab division of WFT will be managed by Dr. Victoria Blake providing to the full range of American Society of Brewing Chemists-derived assays, including the ELISA test for Deoxynivalenol (DON).

  • WFT dba Big Sky Malts is our retail marketing organization for malt and germinated grain products. We will produce and market malt according to customer requests, and will strive to package and sell our malt within a week of production to maximize freshness. Our on-line malt marketing will ensure broad penetration of the home brewer customer base across the region and nation.

  • Montana is 'The Last Best Place' to produce the varieties of specialty grain that craft brewers want. Tom will contract production of these legacy varieties of barley, rye and oats with Montana small grain producers. These grain supplies will then be sold to our Montana Malter customers, and to the currently about 30 craft maltsters around the US. This will be the role of Gallatin Grains, the grain procurement division of WFT.

  • WFT is moving into recently-renovated space near Bozeman’s Main Street where we will set up our laboratory, our prototype Montana Malter and will organize on-site and web-based malt sales.

  • Our research brewery will assure that the malt we produce performs at the expectations of our customers and will enable us to develop recipes for novel ales and beers.

We will be open for business in August 2015!

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