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Bozeman ★ Montana ★ USA

Big Sky Malts - Malt & Grain for Brewing, Distilling & Baking

Our philosophy:

  • We constantly malt grain to refine WFT's malting systems, develop strategies to emulate popular malt varieties and innovate malt styles.

  • Big Sky Malts sources only the highest quality barley, oats, soft wheat and rye from Montana, USA.

  • We specialize in small-batch, hand-crafted premium malt to market locally from our malthouse in Bozeman, Montana.

  • Online sales (coming soon!) will enable us to share Big Sky Malts across North America and beyond.

  • We hope to purchase a roaster soon to greatly expand our product line.

  • A flour mill and grain/malt flaker will expand the product line even further to cater to homebrewers.

  • Our scale allows us to provide kiln-fresh malt to our customers.

  • We hope to build a community of brewers, distillers and bakers whose valuable and shared feedback will enable us to refine our malting systems.

Malt varieties currently in production:

  • Pilsner

  • Pale

  • 8° Lovibond Munich

  • 30° Lovibond Vienna

  • 60° Lovibond Amber

  • Crystal Pale

  • 40° Lovibond Crystal

  • Wood smoked Pale

  • Peat smoked 60° Lovibond Amber

  • Soft white wheat

  • Hulled and hulless oats

  • Rye

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